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Support For Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I am an experienced and compassionate counsellor and psychotherapist, here to provide support and guidance as you navigate life. The journey to healing from trauma is unique for each individual and can take time.

If you are experiencing trauma or PTSD, I can provide support, guidance and coping strategies to address the impact of trauma on mental health.

Appointments are available in person at Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 0BQ and I also offer telephone and video call appointments-just get in touch to arrange an initial telephone call to discuss your requirements.

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If you are interested in arranging an initial telephone appointment to discuss counselling and psychotherapy in Manchester, please get in touch with David Nicklin by phone or email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Services I Provide

Counselling & Psychotherapy For Trauma & PTSD

Psychotherapy and counselling help individuals with trauma and PTSD by providing a structured and supportive environment for healing. Here are some ways in which my therapeutic approaches can help.

Establishing Safety and Trust

Has trauma shattered your sense of safety? I provide a safe and confidential space where individuals can express their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment. Building trust is a key aspect of the therapeutic relationship.

Understanding and Processing Traumatic Experiences

Together we can explore and make sense of your traumatic experiences. Understanding the impact of the trauma is a crucial step toward healing. We will audit your thoughts, emotions and the behaviours associated with the trauma with the goal of increasing your sense of agency and your ability to process them and get on with living your best life.

Coping Skills and Emotional Regulation

I can teach you practical coping skills to help you to manage overwhelming emotions associated with trauma. This may include relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and strategies to regulate emotions in the face of triggers.

Building Resilience and Self-Empowerment

We may focus on enhancing your resilience and promoting your sense of empowerment. By helping you to recognise your strengths, we will develop coping strategies so you can regain a sense of control over your life.

I am a qualified and experienced therapist specialising in trauma and PTSD. The therapeutic process will be collaborative, and the pace of treatment based on your individual readiness and comfort level.

I use a combination of approaches tailored to the specific needs of each individual the choices vary depending on your preferences and the nature of the trauma.

David Nicklin Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that can develop after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. It may involve symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, and heightened anxiety.

A: PTSD can result from various traumatic events, including but not limited to combat exposure, sexual assault, accidents, natural disasters, and childhood abuse.

A: If you are experiencing symptoms like persistent nightmares, flashbacks, avoidance of reminders, and heightened anxiety after a traumatic event, you may be dealing with PTSD. A mental health professional can provide a formal diagnosis.

A: The first session may involve an assessment of your current concerns, a discussion of your history, and the establishment of therapeutic goals. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss the process.

A: Yes, confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of counselling. However, there are legal and ethical exceptions, such as the duty to report imminent harm to oneself or others.

A: Yes, I offer online counselling services to provide flexibility and accessibility. Online sessions are conducted securely to ensure confidentiality. I also offer telephone counselling

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